Viviano Flower Shop has its own fleet of delivery trucks and makes daily deliveries throughout the Detroit Metropolitan area. Delivery charges vary depending upon the zip code in which the delivery will be made. The charges range from $9.50 to $20.50.

Use the search function below to determine the delivery charge for a zip code, and whether delivery will be made by Viviano Flower Shop or an affiliate florist.

Enter Recipient Zip Code

Viviano Flower Shop has a network of affiliate flower shops and can send floral and gift product to most locations in the United States and Canada. The delivery and service charge for sending an order through an affiliate florist totals $15.90; this breaks down to $9.95 for their delivery service, and $5.95 for our relay service. For international orders (outside the US and Canada), the charge totals $28.90 for their delivery service of $9.95 and our relay service of $18.95.