Information : Trachelium

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Picture Source:California Cut Flower Commission
Popular Name: Trachelium
Botanical Name and Pronunciation: Trachelium caeruleum (tra-KEE-lee-im su-ROO-lee-um)
Common Name(s): Throatwort
Color(s): pink, purple, blue, white
Form and Size: The leafy stems of trachelium are 18 – 24 inches long. There are flat and dense clusters of tiny flowers at stem ends.
Vase Life: 7 – 10 days, sometimes longer
Availability: year-round, though it peaks from March – November
Care Instructions: Remove any leaves from the bottom of the stem that will fall below the water line, cut stems under water and place in fresh water with flower food.
History and Usage: A member of the Campanulaceae (bellflower) family, trachelium originated in the Mediterranean region. Its botanical and popular name comes from the word “trachelos” which is Greek for neck. This is in reference to its supposed ability to sooth a sore throat. Trachelium is a wonderful flower in mixed arrangements or as a filler flower to compliment other flowers.
Points of Interest: Relatives of trachelium include adenophora, campanula and platycodon.
Ethylene Sensitive: Yes