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Entries are sorted and named by each flower's popular name. A flower's popular name is the name it is most frequently called. A flower also has a botanical name, which can also be found in each entry. Many of the flower entries also have a section listing common names. Common names are other miscellaneous names that a flower is sometimes called. Sometimes different flowers will share the same common name. Use the search box below to search for a flower by its popular, botanical or common name. Please note, however, that your search will return matches listed by the popular name.

The search box can also be used to find flowers that come in certain colors. For example, if you enter "red," the search results will contain all the flowers that are available in the color red.

Another option is to browse through the entries in their alphabetical lists. By clicking on the letter A, for example, you will be given a list of the popular names of each flower beginning with the letter A. Additionally, by clicking on the "Search by Picture" link, you will be directed to the library of photos, which are sorted alphabetically by popular name. Clicking on a picture will redirect you to that flower's entry.

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