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Picture Source:California Cut Flower Commission
Popular Name: Heather
Botanical Name and Pronunciation: Erica spp. and Calluna spp. (AIR-I-ca and ka-LUN-a)
Common Name(s): n/a
Color(s): pink, purple, red, white
Form and Size: The leafy and woody stems of heather are about 8 – 12 inches long. The stems resemble spikes and are made up of many bell-shaped, tiny and densely clustered blooms.
Vase Life: 7 – 14 days
Availability: fall, winter and spring
Care Instructions: Remove any foliage from the bottom of the stem, cut under water and place in fresh water with flower food.
History and Usage: A member of the Ericaceae (heather, heath) family, heather originated in South Africa. One of its botanical names, calluna, is Latin for “to sweep” because long ago heather was fashioned into brooms and used to clean. Heather is lovely in mixed arrangements or as a filler flower.
Points of Interest: Relatives of heather include rhododendron, azalea and blueberry. In Victorian times, heather was given to convey the sentiment, “Your wish will come true!” It was considered a symbol of good luck.
Ethylene Sensitive: Unknown