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European Garden
plants & colors vary

Give this luxurious collection of growing gifts for a long-lasting remembrance.

  • Assorted green and blooming houseplants arranged with moss in a basket. Design will vary: basket style and color, and plant varieties and bloom colors may be different.
  • Each plant is kept in its individual pot for easy sharing and re-planting.
  • Willow basket measures 15"L, 17"L, 19"L, or 21"L, and may or may not have a handle. Shape may vary from shown, but will usually be oval.
  • To personalize, you can add a figurine or garden stone. See our Gifts & Keepsakes categories or give us a call at 800-VIVIANO (848-4266) to find the perfect finishing touch.
  • This indoor garden planter is handmade by a skilled greenhouse designer; contents and dimensions may vary.

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GH European Garden #851 Viviano
15" basket
Available Nationwide!
GH European Garden #851 Viviano
17" basket
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GH European Garden #851 Viviano
19" basket
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GH European Garden #851 Viviano
21" basket
Available Nationwide!

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