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Godiva Assorted Chocolates
Gold Gift Box

Add this memorable finishing touch to your special celebration gift!

  • Signature assortment of favorite Belgian fine chocolate candies, known for rich, velvety texture and delicious fillings. Presented in the classic gold ballotin box tied with gold ribbon.
  • 4-piece 1.6oz: Dark Caramel Embrace, Ganache Bliss; Milk Praline Heart; White Raspberry Star.
  • 8-piece 3.30oz: Dark Ganache Bliss, Midnight Swirl, Lion Of Belgium, Raspberry Ganache Twirl; Milk Almond Praline Raindrop, Praline Heart, Pecan Caramel Duet; White Raspberry Star.
  • 19-piece 7.4oz: Dark Caramel Embrace, Cherry Cordial, Coconut Pyramid, 50% Demitasse (2)*, Ganache Heart, Midnight Swirl, Mint Medallion, Raspberry Ganache Twirl; Milk Almond Praline Raindrop, Caramel Embrace, Demitasse*, Ganache Bliss, Lion of Belgium, Macadamia Mosaic, Praline Crescent, Praline Heart; White Demitasse*, Raspberry Star. *The 4 square demitasse wafers are stacked.
  • Images courtesy of GODIVA.

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