Product Code: 24720W

Loving Wishes - choice of pole
container varies

Send this as a blooming care package!

  • Keepsake featured in a garden of green and blooming houseplants accented with a butterfly and twigs. Colors & varieties vary; may include peace lilies, dracaena, African violet, kalanchoe, and ivy.
  • Four-sided, weather-resistant, PVC mini art pole by Studio M is for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Planter varies, and measures approximately 12"L.
  • Please choose your pole from the "Select your preference" area. Messages may include: A life so beautifully lived/forever loved, Find peace from within/One who blooms in our heart can never be forgotten, Believe there is good in the world, Do all things with grace and gratitude, Good friends bring great joy, Best Mom/heart of the family, The smallest things bring the greatest joy, The stars shine down to let us know you are happy.
  • Your greenhouse gift is hand-designed; contents, container, and dimensions may vary.

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1 Select an option

GH Loving Wishes #24720W Viviano
13"L x 6"W x 18"H
Local Delivery only

2 Select your preference

  • Good Friends
    13" 5025
  • Mom
    13" 5020
  • Good
    13" 5027
  • Smallest
    13" 5029
  • Be Kind
    13" 3008
  • All Things
    16" 5011
  • My
    16" 007
  • Stars
    16" 006
  • Lake Life
    13" 5016
  • Cat Lessons
    13" 5018
Thumbnail with a bold outline is selected by default.
Please select one of these Mini Pole options shown. If an option is not shown here, it is not available. Weather-resistant four-sided PVC art pole by Studio M is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Measures 3"L x 1"W x 13"H or 1.75"L x 1.75"W x 16"H. Please see the main product description and alternate pictures below the main image for details on the sayings and artwork.

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