Tributes for the Family Members

The death of a beloved family member is grievous. The family and staff of Viviano Flower Shop understand your wish to honor your loved one in death. Loved one, and flowers are perfectly suited for this task. Without uttering a single word, flowers say everything helping to recall fond memories and beautifully carry our sweetest wishes.

Our professional sales staff will assist you in selecting the perfect floral arrangements to express your love. Before looking at pictures in our store or on our website and making your selections, you may find it helpful to read the following in order to better understand local funeral traditions and general guidelines.

Casket Spray

A very close family member usually purchases the casket spray. Depending upon age and marital status, the close family may be a spouse, a parent or a child of the deceased. The spouse normally makes this purchase; however, if there is no surviving spouse, the children commonly purchase the casket spray. If the deceased has no children or spouse, then either the parents, siblings, or another very close relative would make the purchase.

Generally no card message is enclosed with a casket spray. Sentiments addressing the deceased are frequently expressed with a script ribbon. A script ribbon shows the relationship of the sender to the deceased. For example, the script on an arrangement chosen by someone for their deceased mother could read "Beloved Mother".

Side Pieces

Typically, only very close family members purchase these. Normally there are two arrangements considered "side pieces," and these coordinate with the casket spray or cremation memorial arrangement either in complementary colors or in flower selection. The children or siblings of the deceased commonly make this purchase. If, however, the children of the deceased have purchased the main arrangement, then the grandchildren may decide to purchase the side pieces. Cards or script ribbons may be used to convey sentiments and relationships.

Standing Sprays

It is customary for family members to purchase a standing spray. A standing spray is an arrangement on an easel. Such arrangements, like floral hearts and crosses, are typically placed to the right or left of casket or cremation memorial arrangement. These tributes can have card messages or script ribbons to express your sentiments.

Specialty Displays

Specialty displays are arrangements that incorporate statues, stones, pictures, wind chimes, throw blankets, tapestry throw blankets, or a memorable item that can be used as a keepsake for the family. Such displays are typically purchased by a family member or close friend. These tributes can have card messages or script ribbons to express your sentiments.

Inside Casket Tributes

The grandchildren of the deceased usually provide a small inside casket tribute. If the grandchildren are older they may prefer a different and larger style of arrangement thereby allowing any great-grandchildren to present an inside casket tribute. While these arrangements are quite small, a card or script ribbon may be attached to convey a heartfelt message.

Other Tributes

There are many beautiful styles of sympathy arrangements, table arrangements, blooming plants and green plants for an extended family member to send. Whether traditional or contemporary in style, they can be designed to recall a special memory, a cherished pastime, a favorite color or flower. They can also have either card messages or script ribbons, depending on personal preference.

In some cases, it may be important to consider the approximate dimensions of the arrangement you choose to send. While all of the pieces we design are lovely and expertly crafted, they are not all the same size. If the size of the piece you are sending to the funeral home is important to you, you will need to consider this when making your selection.