Tributes for friends and co-workers

The loss of a friend or co-worker is difficult. The family and staff of Viviano's understand your need to express your sorrow, sympathy and condolences in a beautiful and meaningful way. Our professional sales staff can assist you in choosing a floral tribute that says everything your heart is feeling. While the casket spray, side pieces, hearts and crosses are reserved for the family, there are many appropriate arrangements for a friend or co-worker to give.

Traditional Tribute

This perennially popular style is a fan-shaped one-sided arrangement that can be placed in an urn or basket. This piece usually gives the most presentation in the funeral home because all the flowers are brought to the front and artfully arranged. It is also a versatile arrangement as it can be easily adapted using seasonal flowers or colors. Normally a card is enclosed with this arrangement, but for a very special friend, a script ribbon may be added. In this case, the ribbon might say, "Loving Friend" or "Dearest Friend."

Table Arrangement

A table arrangement can also be sent to the funeral home. Table arrangements can be arranged in many different ways including a vase, basket or other specialty container. These beautiful arrangements generally offer a smaller presentation than many traditional tributes, but they have an important benefit: because of their size and arrangement, the family has the option of taking this arrangement home with them to enjoy further.

Gifts From the Greenhouse

Another thoughtful and long-lasting tribute is a dishgarden, terrarium or blooming plant. A dishgarden is a basket or ceramic container of assorted green plants with lovely fresh cut flowers added for color. Terrariums are variations of the dishgarden. Instead of a basket or ceramic container, the plants are attractively enclosed in glass. These lovely gifts from the greenhouse can be put together in many different ways. Depending on the size you choose, you may also want to include a blooming plant in your dishgarden or terrarium. Blooming plants by themselves also make beautiful and long-lasting tributes. They can be a seasonal favorite and decorated with foil and a bow or placed in a basket. These gifts from the greenhouse have the benefit of being enjoyed for a long time after the funeral.

Memorial Gifts and Specialty Displays

You may also want to consider giving a garden statue, a Willow Tree sculpture, a garden stone, tapestry throw blanket or wall hanging or wind chimes. These gift items can be added to floral arrangements or dishgardens to make a beautiful Specialty Display as a tribute to the deceased. Depending on their size and your preference, these memorial gifts can either be the focal point of the arrangement or an accent to it. These sentimental additions to your floral gift make cherished keepsakes for a family member.